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My name is Vanja Savva, I have a 4 year old daughter Emma and an 8 month old baby Lia.  Ever since I became a mom, baking, throwing children's parties, crafting and learning has become a passion of mine.

I had started blogging for Emma at Emma's Lunch - All the things you'd do with your kids around lunch time when she was about 2 years old.
And I have been making pops for us, friends and family for the past 2 years.  It was just a natural progression to move into it in a more professional manner.  After all, there is only so many times you can hear the question: When are you going to start a pop business? and do nothing about it.

So now that I've been asked enough times, its time to get to business.

I love pops.  I love these small treats in compact and cute packages.  I love how creative they allow me to be. I love how they brighten up a party every time.  I love that they are perfect for birthdays or christenings or weddings or congrats on your bundle of joy!

So if you are looking for pops, look no further. I can guarantee that here you will get your pops created with love, care and passion.

Here are some of the details: 
  • Cake pops are offered to fit the theme of your event, although simple cake pops are also possible.
  • In three distinct flavours: Red Velvet, Chocolate and White Cake.
  • Individually packed as favours for christenings/weddings/birthdays in your party's color theme.
  • Skip the wrapping and have it as part of your party's desert menu, along with petits fours and cakes to fit your theme.
  • Delivery anywhere in Cyprus.
  • Delivered specially packed on a board fitting the theme of your party.
  • Special discounts offered for large orders
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